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Locals Lounge VMF 2021-Leah Gair-1280_ed

The Locals Lounge Constellation is a collaborative incubator for local music projects in Vancouver. We’ve brought together a group of independent project organizers who are working together to help each other build something better. These organizers, local musicians themselves, are united in the desire to help make Vancouver’s music scene thrive and grow by building human-to-human connections. By working together, the members of the Constellation will help people navigate the waters of our musical ecosystem. 

The Constellation is powered by you. By coming to events and telling us what you’re interested in, the organizers can figure out approaches that suit your needs best. You’ll get updates about the projects you’re interested in, and a behind-the-music-scene look at your city. Whether you’re an emerging musician looking to build new connections, a longtime show-goer looking for familiar faces, or just someone who loves live music, there’s something for you in the Constellation.

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