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What we do (our mission)

Locals Lounge strives to be your tour guide to Vancouver’s abundant musical talent. Our goal is to use the power of live music to bring people together and build connections. We serve musicians and music fans alike by programming live events, supporting grassroots projects, and tearing down the barrier between the stage and the seats.

Why we do it (our motivation)

We believe in the power and value of community. We believe in the power and value of live music. And we think those two things, put together, can empower us to change the world. Since 2016 we have brought together musicians with their audiences so that each can better know the other.

Our guests come from many different corners of Vancouver's burgeoning local music scene - from hot up-and-comers to industry veterans. Vancouver is a city that is home to a wonderful variety of cultures, identities, ethnicities, and musical genres. It is our goal to invite Vancouver to learn about and connect with all of them through songs and stories.

Finally, we want everyone to feel as though they belong. Whether you're new to the city, 604 born and raised, or only exploring Vancouver for a short time, we invite you to spend an evening reconnecting with old friends while making new ones. All with a great soundtrack.

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