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Join the Locals Lounge Discord

Here’s a quick guide to help you get oriented to our online community hub. Discord is an online space where users can have conversations, post links, coordinate events, and lots more. If you’ve ever used Slack, you’ll find many aspects of Discord pretty familiar.

If you’re brand new to Discord, here’s a handy “How To” video that walks new users through some of the basics.

Getting started on our Discord Server:

1. Install the Discord app on your desktop and/or your phone: (1).png

2. Open the app and create your free account by following the         prompts (tip: we recommend using a similar name to your         Instagram account. You can customize your username on           each server you join)

3. Follow this link to get invited to the Locals Lounge server

4. Agree to the Code of Conduct, then answer a few questions        on the #getting-started channel to get access to the other        server channels

Finding what you're looking for:

Once you’ve created your account and filled in the info on #getting-started, it’s time to start connecting with the community! We offer a few different channels that might interest you, depending on what you want to do:

I want to see info about live music happening in Vancouver


Looking for live music in the city? Want to know about meetups, jam sessions, and other places where you can meet other locals? Got a performance coming up? Head over to the #live-events channel!


I want to find new music, or share music with others


Want to hear the diverse sounds that Vancouver has to offer? Got a new release that you want to show off to the world? Heard something recently that you think the community will love? Then our #new-music channel is for you!


I am looking for something in the music scene


Our #music-scene channel is for conversations and questions that are focused on local music and musicians. Ask questions, share opportunities, and swap stories with other people who make music in Vancouver.


For everything else, head over to the #community-chat channel and spend some time with fellow local music lovers.

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